The CBD Solution: Pre- and Post-Workout

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Pre-workout powders are nothing new. Athletes have been using them for years to maximize energy and focus during workouts. With caffeine in most of these supplements, athletes may crash when they’re trying to push themselves to new levels. What if I told you there is a way to feel that much-needed boost without hitting a wall just as they are about to hit a benchmark?

Well get ready, because I’m about to!

Why CBD?

Fact: Hemp-derived CBD products are now legal in all 50 states, which means your customers can now enjoy the boost without the psychoactive effects of cannabis so many athletes experience while training.

Not only can CBD help lift the extra weight, it can empower your customers to go the extra mile…literally. Its mood-elevating effects can help them prepare by lowering sometimes debilitating stress and relaxing the mind for a killer workout.


Give your gym-going customers a reason to return to your brand. CBD BLUE ICE PRE-WORKOUT FORMULA is just one example of our out-of-this-world flavoring systems. Slap your brand name and logo on the container and your customers will be back for more in no time!


Once they hit their goal at the gym, your customers will want an easy comedown—one without the soreness, fatigue, and occasional bout of nausea. Instead of an ibuprofen, a scoop of CBD POST-WORKOUT will help repair and maximize recovery with its recharging electrolyte blend that leaves other sugar-filled sports drinks in the dust.

The Difference

Long-term use of NSAID drugs, like ibuprofen and Aleve can do some major damage to the liver. Meanwhile, CBD is a natural pain reliever, stopping pain in its tracks. This is particularly ideal after an intense workout, reducing muscle soreness and underlying inflammation. So, not only can CBD help in the short-term, but it can have lasting effects on the speed of muscle recovery!

Today is the Day

There is so much success to be had with CBD products on all fronts. With our formulas, your business with thrive and your customers will reach long-sought fitness goals they once thought were impossible.

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